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Renske Versluijs - porcelain necklace Annie

porcelain necklace Annie


The necklace 'Annie' has a handmade porcelain hanger and comes with a high quality rosé gold necklace. We will ship it to you in a colourful gift box!

size hanger: 4 x  3,5 cm
size necklace: 50 cm
materials: porcelain and rosé gold plated silver

Did you know that the name Annie comes from the female trick shooter Annie Oakley. In 1885, she joined Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show, where she performed for 15 years as a top attraction.

One of her most popular stunts was shooting the lit tip off a cigarette being held in her husband's lips. She even performed this trick for Kaiser Wilhelm II, with the King of Prussia taking Butler's place.