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10 May '16

The jewellery collection

Posted by Renske Versluijs in collection

jewellery by Renske Versluijs

I am thrilled to announce that from now on my label offers leather accessories and jewellery! The new jewellery collection is made of porcelain with oak wood details and pink copper fittings. A combination that excites me and creates lots of new opportunities in the future. It also envolves some adjustments to my workspace and asking help from some skillfull ceramic experts and wood workers.

I found help for my ceramics a few doors next to my own studio at VechtclubXL, where a group of enthousiastic ceramists work and provide workshops at atelier 'Twaalfzestig'. For the woodwork I turned to my partner, who knows all about woodwork and has offered to make the handmade oak wood pieces at 'Atelier de Loods'.

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