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17 Aug '16

photoshoot for ShowUp: part two

Posted by Renske Versluijs in photography, styling

Cactus - picture renskeversluijs

Lost balloon by STOOK - picture renskeversluijsLost Balloon by STOOK

Lost Confetti STOOK - picture renskeversluijs    wooden birds DRAAJ - picture: renskeversluijs
Lost Confetti by STOOK                                            Wooden birds by DRAAJ

Wooden necklaces by All Things We Like - picture renskeversluijsNecklaces by All Things We Like

wooden bird DRAAJ - picture renskeversluijs    handbag renskeversluijs, wooden birds DRAAJ - picture renskeversluijsWooden birds by DRAAJ, ceramic pot by All Things We Like & handbag by renskeversluijs

card sleeve renskeversluijs - picture renskeversluijsCard sleeve by renskeversluijs

porcelain necklace renskeversluijs - picture: renskeversluijsPorcelain necklace by renskeversluijs

Part two of the photoshoot I did for ShowUp, We will present our collections together at stand 118 on August 21-22. Brands: renskeversluijs, All Things We Like, STOOK & DRAAJ.

styling & photography: Renske Versluijs

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