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Welkom op mijn website. Alle items zijn liefdevol gemaakt in eigen studio en door andere Europese handwerkslieden. Veel plezier!

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Designer Renske Versluijs  designer Renske Versluijs
Dutch designer Renske Versluijs launched her own label in 2010. She has a natural love for materials, colour and patterns, which you’ll see when discovering her collection. The accessories are made of soft French & Portuguese vegetable tanned leather in lush pastel shades and bright copper. The accessory collection consists of belts, bracelets, handbags, wallets and more with pink copper fittings.
The jewelry collection is comprised of unexpected material combinations such as porcelain with oak wood and rosé gold. The collection is designed in bold shapes, complimented with distinct colours and elegant hand drawn patterns.
All items are made of natural materials that are sourced in Europe. The leather comes from France & Portugal and the pink copper fittings from Italy. The items are handmade in Holland and by two small companies in Portugal. Renske is proud of the fact that every item in the collection is handmade in Europe.
atelier Renske Versluijs at Hof van Cartesius
In my work and everyday life I try to keep a low impact on the environment. The areas around my home and atelier naturally seem to be getting greener by the day. I am in good company at the creative hub 'Hof van Cartesius' in Utrecht where my atelier is located. It is built with reclaimed materials around a lush garden. We are organised as a cooperation that strives to make our planet a greener and healthier place future generations. Find out more about Hof van Cartesius here. You are welcome to visit the studio, I can show you around and tell you about our location.
freelance work:
Next to my own label I work as a freelancer in the field of design, styling, pr, visual identity and event organisation. For an overview of my freelance work, go to the freelance page.
The collection by Renske Versluijs is available in the following stores:
Amsterdam: UHMAH, Admiraal de Ruijterweg 67
Arnhem: Bos en Heij
Den Bosch: Wanderwood
Nijmegen: Make My Day
Utrecht: PUHAVoorstraat 48
Schiermonnikoog: KunstFaam
Schoorl: Pragt store
Zaandam: Art Zaanstad
Zutphen, Radijs
Brugge: MAIS OUI
Brasschaat: Kidsdinge
Essen: Grimeless
Diest: Müller
Hasselt: OUI
Heist op den Berg: Oosterlinck
Kersbeek - Miskom: Un Matin Au Jardin
Nivone: Em et moi
Tournai: Boutique Oze
Vilvoorde: Reneé
Darmstadt: Hidden
Hamburg: KAUFHAU
Heidelberg: Room Mate
Karlsruhe: ZKM Museum
Munchen: Frau Lange
Weil am Rhein: Vitra design museum
Dijon: ITEMS
ile d'YEU: JUNE
La Madeleine: Mouflette
Limoges: Bazar Marguerite
Lyon: Mes P'tites Envies
Nantes: L'Artichaut
Paris: Louisette
Paris: Zalie Smagghe
Poitiers, Mila Home
Romans sur Isère: Jardin des Plantes
Saint Valery Sur Somme: Quatorze Julliet
Geneve: Caillou
Köniz: Kariert
Zürich: Mademoiselle de Paris
Zürich: Ars Longa art shop
Nagano: Ceramika