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Welcome on my website! All items are lovingly handmade, in our own studio and by other European craftsmen.


Renske Versluijs - flow magazine

I love taking colourful pictures of my collection, inspiration and behind the scenes in my atelier. If you'd like to receive high resolution images or more information about my brand for an article, I am very happy to help you!

If you are selling my collection and would like our low resolution images for online marketing or your website let me know.

Please contact me at info@renskeversluijs.com.

leather handbag BIO mint - Renske Versluijs  designer Renske Versluijs
porcelain earring - Renske Versluijs  porcelain earring - Renske Versluijs   collection Renske Versluijs  wall jewellery - Renske Versluijs