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02 Feb '16


Posted by Renske Versluijs in projects, styling


Last week the first edition of 'Ontwerpsalon' took place, a Dutch tradeshow at the creative hotspot VechtclubXL with over 50 creative studios and restaurant 'de Klub' in Utrecht. The new tradeshow is initiated by Marjolein van Alfen en Jet van Zwieten, they invited me to join them in organising the first edition by advising them from my point of view as a designer and work on the styling and pr. Being me, I enthusiastically joined them.

Styling for Ontwerpsalon
Ontwerpsalon - design: Andrius Sta - photography: Patrick Stoop - styling: renskeversluijs  Ontwerpsalon - design: renskeversluijs - photography: Patrick Stoop - styling: renskeversluijs  Ontwerpsalon - design: Suzan Becking - photography: Patrick Stoop - styling: renskeversluijs
designs: Andrius Sta, renskeversluijs & Suzan Becking - photography Patrick Stoop
The Ontwerpsalon is a tradeshow with open studios, the building of VechtclubXL is the perfect location because of its creative entrepreneurs that vary from woodwork, ceramics, leather and jewelry. The designers opened their studios during the Ontwerpsalon, which gave store owners and bloggers the unique opportunity to see the new collections and find out more about the designers, their creative proces and workplace. A more personal approach in a time where people are getting more and more interested in the story behind a product.
Lennart Wolfert - photography Jörgen SmitStudio Lennart Wolfert - photography Jörgen Smit
DAANdesign Viviane van Hooft
DAANdesign - photography Viviane van Hooft
The hall of the building gave place to Dutch and foreign brands, from more established designers to newcomers. On the stage I created a setting with the finest work the tradeshow had to offer. 
Ontwerpsalon - styling renskeversluijs
photography renskeversluijs
For every newcomer it is important to get the first edition right, to build up a network of designers, shop owners and bloggers and grow with every edition. To make the first edition of Ontwerpsalon a success we mostly concentrated on online pr with attractive visuals and personal introductions of our participants. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, spam, spam, spam.. I think I can safely call myself a professional spammer from now on ;)
Ontwerpsalon on Instagram
Visuals on the Ontwerpsalon Instagram page
I proudly look back on the first edition and loved working with Marjolein and Jet. We are already coming up with more ideas to make the next one better. If you've been there I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, feel free to come up with new ideas. If you've missed it, have a look at the Facebook or Instagram page.
Hope to see you at the next edition in August 2016!


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