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11 Feb '16


Posted by Renske Versluijs in inspiration
showUP 16 - picture renskeversluijs
Last Monday I visited ShowUP to look for inspiration and new designer brands. I've walked around for a couple of hours and I am sure I still didn't manage to see all, but I discovered some nice items. 
Just like the 'Ontwerpsalon' in Utrecht 2 weeks ago, ShowUP had style settings with items from the participating brands. Stylist Jantine Benschop made 4 presentations with different themes. I liked the clean colour scheme of the 'ready made' setting and the natural feel of the 'wander land' setting.
styling Jantine Benschop - picture renskeversluijs
'ready made' - styling Jantine Benschop

Jantine Benschop - picture renskeversluijs
'wander land' - styling Jantine Benschop
As a material lover, the following brands caught my attention. 
Designer Ineke van der Werff presented a ceramic collection 'single glass' with recycled glass that is unsuitable for recycling into high-quality glass. The design duo 'Nieuwe Heren' presented a lamp made of leather, a material I normally use for making bags, wallets etc. Belgian designer Veerle van overloop presented her label 'Fou de Feu', a collection of tableware, from ceramic plates to linnen towels with copper details. 


Ineke van der Werff - picture renskeversluijs
Ceramics with recycled glass by Ineke van der Werff
Puik Art - picture renskeversluijs  Puik Art - Nieuwe Heren - picture renskeversluijs
Small table and leather lamps by Nieuwe Heren for Puik Art
Fou de Feu - picture renskeversluijs  Fou de Feu - picture renskeversluijs
Copper details by the Belgian label Fou de Feu
I found two brands that combine ceramics with illustrations, All Things we Like and Lisanne van Zanten. I love the 'walk the dog' illustration. The MOM barista collection is a good one for all coffee addicts, the cups are made to fit different kinds of coffee.
All Things we Like - picture renskeversluijs  Lisanne van Zanten - picture renskeversluijs
'walk the dog by All Things we Like & 'MOM barista' by Lisanne van Zanten
I loved the fresh designs by Wies Preijde, a young designer who graduated from the Royal academy of fine art in Den Haag. Her colourful screens can be used as room divider, window screen or in the office. Another interior must-have is the shelving system by FIGR1, a collection of wooden shelves in different sizes that you can personalise by choosing different parts and types of wood. 
 Wies Preijde - picture renskeversluijs  Wies Preijde - picture renskeversluijs  
 screens by Wies Preijde
FIGR1 - picture renskeversluijs 
shelvings by FIGR1
All pictures by renskeversluijs

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