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17 May '18

Beautiful finds at Ontwerpsalon 2018

Posted by Renske Versluijs

picture Renske Versluijs - ontwerpsalon

I opened my studio at Vechtclub XL during Ontwerpsalon 2018. The building was full of work from other talented designers, so I took the opportunity to take some of my favourite items home. 

picture Renske Versluijs - home

La Nonette
Must have for cat lovers, the painting of Oscar the cat by illustrator La Nonette!
I'm a fan of bright colours, plants and above all cats, so I had my mind set on the colourful work by Manon. Happy to have you Oscar!

picture Renske Versluijs - liefke magazine

LIEFKE magazine
At PechaKucha x Ontwerpsalon Yfke, the founder of LIEFKE magazine, told her personal story about how the struggles in her life led to starting her own magazine based on the things in life she finds important. The magazine is an alternative for the glossy magazines that promote the standard female beauty, where a lot of women feel the need to live up to. Instead the magazine explores the beauties you can find in everyday life, something I believe in very strongly. 

picture Renske Versluijs - Design Wonderlab

Design Wonderlab
The playful illustrations by Nynke Boelens all have their own story. About friendship, humor and fun. If you are looking for a cute gift for children, have a look at her website. You can find cards, posters, stationary and a 'Love-to-draw box' for kids that like to be creative.

picture Renske Versluijs - planthanger All Things We Likepicture Renske Versluijs - All Things We Like

All Things We Like
I share my studio with Janneke van der Heijden, who has an eco design label 'All Things We Like'. She has a very wide collection of things that she likes personally, and that's a lot :) Her collection consists of cards, posters, jewelry, tableware and planthangers. All items are produced environmental friendly and close to home, we like!

jeroen krul - picture Renske Versluijs
Jeroen Krul - picture Renske Versluijs

Jeroen Krul
The young illustrator Jeroen Krul made a personal work about his first visit to Indonesia, where part of his family came from. During his travel he made drawings of all the impressions. This resulted in the book 'Koppie Toebroek', in English 'clashing coffee' and refers to his expectations of the country where his roots are. The book has colourful illustrations of nature, food and street life in Indonesia accompanied by personal texts about his journey.

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