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24 Mar '20

Beautiful people part two

Posted by Renske Versluijs

Renske Versluijs - models

In a time like this it feels natural to give credit to the creatives who came to my studio for a photoshoot with my collection. So here is a new blog post! You can read all about their creative work, there is a link to their website so you can check it out. Enjoy!

collection & photography Renske Versluijs - model Winde Rienstra collection & photography Renske Versluijs - model Winde Rienstra

I studied Fashion Design together with Winde Rienstra at HKU. Winde is one of the most talented designers I've met at the art academy, she now owns her own fashion label. With her inspiring collections she explores the boundaries between fashion, architecture and art.

collection & photography Renske Versluijs - model Peter Stekelenburg

Peter Stekelenburg is co-founder and visual storyteller at Moan, located at Vechtclub XL. Moan is a Dutch agency for concept and graphic design. With their work they come to the core and essence of the question. By thinking along, asking smart questions and going beyond the briefing, they translate communication issues into concrete solutions. 

Esther Pardijs - picture Renske Versluijs

Esther Pardijs is a documentary maker and director of films for various institutions. She has more than 20 years of experience in directing, researching and creating documentaries, television programs and smaller films for specific target groups. One of her documentaries: TURN for KRO-NCRV about the sport of her son was nominated for a dutch prestigious award the 'gouden kalf' in the category best short documentary.

collection & photography Renske Versluijs - model Chantal Baartmans

Chantal Baartmans is an art director and designer, her company vitaminemix is located at Kanaal 30. In her work, Chantal creates branding campaigns, visual communication, magazines and packaging.  

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