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04 May '23


Posted by Renske Versluijs in atelier, collection, inspiration
Renske Versluijs - atelier portrait

Good news! Next to visiting our atelier on appointment you can visit the studio every last Saturday of the month during our monthly event 'HOOG CARTESIUS'. The studios of creative and sustainable designers, a plant shop, artists, vintage shop are open between 13 an 6. You can grab a bite at our local bar and listen to music the whole day.

Walk around in the lush gardens and discover all our location Hof van Cartesius has to offer, talk to designers about their work and view on sustainable design, shop local and sustainable and support our makers en treat yourself to a home made cup of coffee or a bite at our coffee corner. 

The buildings of our cooperation Hof van Cartesius are built using circular materials. From reclaimed wood and windows from old buildings to platforms from train stations. Our cooperation strives to work as sustainable as possible and is an ongoing experiment for the future. Me and my fellow designers have a mission to work sustainable and local and hope to inspire others to follow the same path.

Our next edition of HOOG CARTESIUS is on Saturday October 28, hope to see you around! 

Address: Vlampijpstraat 84
next edition: October 28 
Opening times: 13.00-18.00
Free entrance

studio Hof van Cartesius  Renske Versluijs - studio showroom

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