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27 May '24

La vita lenta

Posted by Renske Versluijs in inspiration, photography

After an eventful period in my life I decided it was time to slow down, relax and be more at peace. At peace with where I am today, but mostly at peace with myself. It is something I've never learned. It feels safe to keep on going, the difficulty lies in standing still and feeling everything there is to feel. 

In my pursuit of embracing 'La vita lenta' or 'the slow life', I ventured to Italy alone. Sitting still is not for me, but walking is, and I decided to take my camera with me. Let me take you on my journey and show you the mesmerising Island of Ischia in Southern Italy through my lens. The Island that brought me closer to myself. 


The tranquil island of Ischia in spring has a calming effect on the mind. The sleepy island, that is slowly awakening as the first signs of spring unfold; the islanders preparing for the coming summer period, the first plants blossoming and spreading their perfume through the air. It is one of the most inspiring seasons. I made a long walk along the coast and passed through sleepy villages. The island, known for it's thermal baths was in a dream like state with it's surreal abandoned places.


Just like nature, people go through different stages every season. Winter is the time to go indoors, calm down and reflect. A new season, the unfolding of spring, venturing outside and regaining energy gives you the opportunity to re-invent yourself. Being on my own, going on long hikes allowed me to pay attention to my own inner world. The feelings that have been bottled up without even noticing it. If you could re-invent yourself, what kind for person would you be? 


An Ode to the night. An ode to tranquility, to diving deep and allowing yourself to discover the parts of yourself that are hidden far within. The insecurities, the fears, the feelings of shame and anger. These are all part of you, and like the tides they come up every now and then. Reconnecting with these feelings and giving them your full attention will help you grow. We are all creatures of the night, will you venture on a journey and find out what creature you are?


Living 'La vita lenta' has showed me that there is a possibility for a more peaceful way of living, where I could thrive as a person. The bustling city life with all it's impressions and distractions may divert you from your own path and feel disconnected. So here's to the art of slow living, finding your own path and pursuing it, no matter where you are. Here you will find a short reel of my journey


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