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31 Oct '18

new porcelain jewelry collection!

Posted by Renske Versluijs in collection

We proudly present the new porcelain jewelry and leather accessory collection! We love to play with materials, shapes and patterns. therefore the jewelry collection is lovingly handmade in bold shapes and vibrant colours with hand painted patterns. 

porcelain earrings - Renske Versluijsporcelain earrings - renske versluijs porcelain earrings - renske versluijsporcelain earrings - renske versluijs porcelain earrings - renske versluijs
Our earrings are made for special occasions. They bring joy to a party with their bright colours and festive shapes. They are designed to play with and move around when you do.

porcelain brooch - renske versluijs porcelain brooch - renske versluijs
Our porcelain brooches are handmade of high quality materials like porcelain, copper and brass. They come on a rounded gift card.

porcelain necklace - renske versluijsporcelain necklace - renske versluijs - model Janine porcelain necklace - renske versluijs
In our handmade jewelry collection we combined all our favourite materials and patterns. The necklaces come in a small gift box.

model: Janine Hiwat
styling & photography: Renske Versluijs

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