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17 Feb '20

The new spring collection: Welcome to the new Twenties!

Posted by Renske Versluijs in collection, earrings, inspiration, porcelain

The new twenties collection.

The new Twenties 

While the days are getting longer and brighter we look forward to seeing 2020 unfold. In contrast to the roaring Twenties of the last century with it's growing consumerism, the new Twenties will be about making conscious decisions and personal growth. A shift that is more than welcome and an inspiration for many collections to come. 

The earring collection 

The new handmade earrings 'Tortue' and 'Ombrello' are made of porcelain with hand shaped brass and copper, with some bright BIO leather accents. They are an hommage to artisan crafts and are like little pieces of art dangling from your ears. Fun fact; the earring pair 'Ombrello' (on the right side) can be worn with or without the bottom part. Variety is more than welcome!

Colour ocean

In my search for some peace and quiet in this hectic life I stumbled upon this natural tone. It reminds me of the sea and my days strolling along the beach in search of pebbles. Colours are like feelings, the new colour 'ocean' is an ode to tranquility.

The first tones of ocean are emerging in the collection. Like this elegant brooch with it's natural colour combination of nude, ocean and cobalt, the earrings candy in the colour ocean and the porcelain earrings Orion.

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