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25 May '21

spring/summer 2021 selection

Posted by Renske Versluijs in BIO leather, collection, earrings, porcelain

I am proud to show you the new designs and colours for the spring/summer 2021 collection. This year we also introduced a new type of leather to the collection; vegetable tanned aniline leather, custom made and coloured in my favourite colours in Portugal.

leather handbag BIO mint - Renske Versluijs
Handbag in our new BIO aniline leather.
leather belt nude - Renske Versluijs  leather belt mint - Renske Versluijs
Handmade belts in our new BIO aniline vegetable tanned leather BIO nude and BIO mint.

The new earring 'pluie' is handmade of porcelain and brushed brass.
wall hangers - Renske VersluijsThe handmade wall jewellery collection, photographed in my own beloved home. I used my home as an office and photoshoot location, making the most of it during lock down. I must say I quite liked working on such a small scale for a while, only going to the studio when I needed the machines there. But this year I will be spending lots of time in the studio, more on that soon...

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